We would like to inform you that there are currently a large number of copies and counterfeits circulating in the market in unauthorized establishments – physical stores and online.

Even though it may appear to be our products for sale on reputable websites, we can assure you that they are copies and counterfeits. Online stores such as EBAY, ALIBABA, ALI EXPRESS and the like DO NOT SELL OUR PRODUCTS.

Even if you consider these platforms to be trusted sites, we can assure you that all Eliu products offered for sale on these online stores are copies and counterfeits. We can guarantee that these products are manufactured outside Spain under conditions that are totally against our ethical and business policy: without respecting the rights of workers, promoting child exploitation and without any scruples they use techniques that seriously damage the conservation of the environment.

Although these copies and counterfeits can be identified with the name of our brand, be cautious when buying them since, logically, we accept no responsibility for any type of damage or problems arising from buying a fake product.

Please, consider carefully who and everything that is affecting when you choose to buy illegal copies and counterfeits. After all, the decision is in your hands.

LISTOELIU S.L. DOES NOT authorize the sale of your products at:

If you are buying LISTOELIU and it arrives in this packaging you will be acquiring a fake product.

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