I was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and three years ago I arrived in Barcelona, ​​from where I started this new project.

A dream: a collection of vitalist, elegant and casual fashion.

I grew up in a humble working family, who taught me how to fight to achieve the objectives that one sets. I have been self-taught, learning directly from life, from the placidity of observation, from imagining how things would be if they were different, and thus, at every step I made, it gave color to everything I saw. Fashion always caught my attention, so, looking around, I stopped at the shirts, the combinations, the textures, the style, the image. I love sports and fashion. I was a footballer during my childhood and adolescence, until they called me the catwalks, and I started a discreet, but decisive career in them. It was my first direct contact with fashion, and from then on I knew that I had to persevere in capturing all the designs I had in mind and making them a reality. To do this, the invaluable trust and commitment of my partner, Luís Enríquez , my collaborator, Max Urbina , and my friend Eduardo Suñer have been fundamental Teamwork always has its fruits. Together we have created ELIU, based on a premise: the wings that allow you to fly and allow us to dream until you reach the chimeras that each one proposes.

My mother always told me, "fight, work and think about others."

And I think it's a lesson that serves to summarize what has been and what my life, my profession and my dreams represent.

Traveling, getting to know other cities and cultures, from Asia to the west coast of the United States, and from north to south, has allowed me to explore a wide range of tastes and trends. Combining them, perfecting them from the smallest to the greatest detail, has created a demanding, self-critical and constant learning character. Being born and raised on an island, with its geographical limitations and its horizon open to all sides, always made me have an open mind.

I think that my collection captures this mentality, that diversity and that magic that I feel every time I silently transfer my mind designs to the first sketch.

My arrival on the peninsula allowed me to share ownership of some boutiques. An essential experience in my work. Direct contact with customers, knowing their desires, their needs and their tastes closely, has borne fruit in a collection with a variety of proposals, where I have reflected that rich variety of styles and combinations.

A year and a half ago, the dream began to take shape. Now is the time to go on and persevere .

To grow. And all those things are possible thanks to you. Write me and we will share this experience.


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